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HFMA has a mentoring program for the members of the Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter of HFMA.  The Chapter has over 950 members, which creates a very large network of potential mentors.  The key ingredient of this program is finding individuals that want to serve as mentors and individuals that are seeking a mentoring relationship. See below for a detailed description of the requirements for each of these groups.


A youth sports team coach.  A high school teacher.  A college professor.  Three seemingly different people, yet all of them probably directly or indirectly served as a mentor to you when you interacted with them.

  • The Little League coach pulls you aside to show you the fundamentals of fielding a ground ball and you listen because you want to be that All-Star second baseman in Major League Baseball.
  • The high school science teacher works with you on developing a hypothesis for a science fair experiment and you listen because you want to one day discover the cure for cancer.
  • The college professor challenges your doctoral thesis and you listen because you want to learn from them and further your academic career.

The right mentor coupled with an open desire to be mentored can yield countless opportunities and rapid career advancement.  But, what do you look for in a good mentor?   We found a great guide from Franchise Growth Partners who offer the Top 10 qualities a mentor should have/provide (

This program begins annually in July, which is in conjunction with HFMA’s fiscal year and lasts a full year.  The committee begins accepting applicants applications in March and the matching will be finalized by June. If you are interested in being mentored or would like to serve as a mentor, please email to request an interview.

Mentor Description & Responsibilities
Mentee Description & Responsibilities
Mentor Program FAQ
Mentee Information Form

Every great partnership requires commitment and focus.  Below are some resources to help sustain your Mentor-Mentee relationship over the duration of the program and beyond.  The Mentor-Mentee Covenant, Partnership record and Goal setting form our templates designed to help you create how you will work together over the next year. The resource guides are suggested conversations you could have throughout the year.  The additional links are slides from our quarterly meetings.

Mentor Mentee Covenant

Mentor Mentee Partnership Record

Mentee Mentor Goal Setting and Tracking Form

Mentor Program Meeting Resource Guide for Mentors 2017-2018

Mentor Program Meeting Resource Guide for Mentees 2017-2018

HFMA Mentor Program Kick-off for Mentees 2017-2018

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee?